Fueling the Flame

by Lloyd J. Harp


In a perfect world, things would certainly look much different. But that's one of the great things of living in a free society. I'm always looking at graphics and thinking, I could do that better!


When the Indy Fuel introduced our new team three years ago, I was instantly underwhelmed at our new teams logos and graphics. I instantly created my idea for a GOOD graphic, printed it out, and mailed it to Fuel VP Shawn Hallett. The reply: basically - nice design, but no thanks. You can see my original idea in the slideshow to the right ----->


My latest thought is illustrated below.



America's Sudden U-Turn on Highway Fonts

Clearview is out, Highway Gothic is (back) in. Critics want to know why.

by Kriston Capps


In a notice posted in the Federal Register on Monday, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration announced a small change that has huge implications for the nation. The agency terminated an order it had issued back in 2004 approving the use of a new font in highway signs. Now those signs are going to change. Again.


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Starving (LOL) Graphic/Web Artist for Hire!


My satisfaction has most always come from using my "God given abilities" to be an encouragement and to try to be a blessing to others. I feel most ALIVE when I can create something using these hands and braincells (some might say I have few of those).


My talents include - logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope design. I can also do about any kind of promotional advertising material, including web pages.


My previous jobs include these websites:




Reviews from our clients:

We wanted to build a website for our start-up farm business. Tuxxllo provided a timely quote and the cost was well within our budget. We provided a few pictures, an article, and a list of desired capabilities for the site. Tuxxllo demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise and our finished website exceeds our expectations. Specifically, they were reasonably priced, communicated target dates and stuck to them, and created a professional product. We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend their services.


~ Jim & Holly Catron

Hallelujah Acres Farm



If you have a project and would like a quote, contact me here.

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